Franklin County Health Department welcomes new provider

KC Uwakwe

From Franklin County Government

Franklin County’s Health Department is gaining a new adult health provider.

KC Uwakwe, a board-certified family nurse practitioner through the American Nursing Credentialing Center, is joining the Franklin County Health Department.

Uwakwe has clinical interests in public health, preventive health, patient education, holistic care, acute and chronic disease management like sinusitis, ear infections, UTIs, rashes, GI illnesses, thyroid disease, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, depression and anxiety and chronic lung diseases such as asthma and COPD.

He spent more than a decade as a nurse in cardiac ICU, cardiovascular surgery, psychiatry, and home health before obtaining a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Winston-Salem State University.

Believing in the power of a trusting relationship with his patients through active listening, honest communication and genuine empathy, he is excited for the opportunity to empower Franklin County residents to make the Franklin County Health Department clinic the first choice among other clinics.

Outside of work, he is a husband and father of three teenage daughters and a son. He enjoys good food, traveling, spending time with the family, and playing the drums at his family chapel.


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